* 1. In 2013 the average Nordic Hedge Fund returned 7,3% (est.) For 2014, the average Nordic HF will return

* 2. Best performing NHX sub strategy in NHX 2013 were Equity Hedge Programs. In 2014, best performers will be:

* 3. The best performing asset class of 2014 will be:

* 4. Net Assets under Management (AuM) for Nordic HF managers in 2014 will

* 5. Biggest net increase allocating to Nordic HF mangers will come from these groups (multiple answers):

* 6. These investors will be the biggest allocators of new money to Nordic hedge funds in 2014 (multiple answers) :

* 7. We expect biggest allocators to our own program to come from:

* 8. Do you expect the market and regulatory environement for your fund in 2014 to be

* 9. What do you think will be the most significant challenge Nordic hedge funds face this year? (multiple answers)

* 10. What do you find is the single biggest obstacle to allocating a greater proportion of assets to hedge funds? (multiple answers)

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