As Kansas City continues to be recognized as a hotspot for talent, it is important to highlight our community’s welcoming environment. 

This five-minute survey will gather your knowledge to identify local cultural assets and opportunities for inclusion. Your feedback will help individuals:
  • Get a quick introduction to our community
  • Gain an awareness of available resources and amenities
  • Feel at home in a new city. 
We'll compile the information provided into a collection of resources TeamKC recruiters may use when connecting with candidates.

* 1. Name a person(s) you consider to be a welcoming ambassador to the Middle Eastern community locally.

* 2. List any regional community centers or groups (excluding professional or business groups) specific to the Middle Eastern community.

* 3. List any regional professional or business networking groups, organizations or clubs for the Middle Eastern community.

* 4. List any Middle Eastern-specific local media you enjoy. (i.e. radio show/station, newsletter, magazine, blog, social media)

* 5. List your top three Middle Eastern restaurants in the Kansas City metro area.

* 6. List your favorite businesses or specialty stores in Kansas City that cater to needs specific to the Middle Eastern community. (store name and product/service)

* 7. List any local events specific to the Middle Eastern community.

* 8. List any local religious, faith or spiritual organizations/churches specific to the Middle Eastern community.

* 9. List any local areas or neighborhoods known for being a hub for the Middle Eastern community.

* 10. Is there anything else you’d like someone new to Kansas City to know about the Middle Eastern community in our region?

Learn more about this, and other, KC regional culture surveys here.

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