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1. How do you use the river? (Check all that apply.)

2. How would you describe the condition of the Arkansas River and its tributaries?

3. Do you (Check all that apply.)

4. How important is the water quality of our rivers and streams to you?

5. How important are the following watershed activities to you?

  Not important Somewhat important Neutral Important Very important Not sure
Outdoor research/education for students
Floodplain management
Community outreach/education
Fresh water habitat surveys and mapping
Monitoring potential pollution sources
River and bank cleanups
Fish habitat enhancement
Water quality monitoring
Stream restoration
Wetland protection

6. Does your income and/or quality of life rely on the health of the Lower Arkansas River Watershed?

7. Where do you get most of your information about local water quality?

8. Who do you think should be responsible for protecting/improving the Arkansas River and its tributaries? (Check all that apply.)

9. Where should local government focus its water quality efforts?

10. Where should we get the money to correct water quality problems? (Check all that apply.)

11. Even if it cost more, would you be okay with local government researching and implementing new technologies to solve water pollution problems?

12. In your opinion, how should ground water and surface water problems be solved?

13. In your opinion, who is the biggest polluter of our rivers and streams? (Check all that apply.)

14. Who would you like to see more educational information for?

15. Would you be interested in serving on a stakeholder leadership team (SLT) to help guide a watershed restoration process for your watershed?

16. Where do you live?

17. What age group are you in?

18. Please provide your contact information if you are interested in receiving more information about Wichita WRAPS.