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The REPs Code of Ethical Practice developed in 2003 is being updated as it is important to ensure it accurately reflects current standards and expectations in professionalism for registered exercise professionals. 

What is the code of ethics? 
The code sets the expected ethical and professional standards of registered exercise professionals when providing exercise services to the public. The code sets out clear expectations in relation to behaviour, professionalism, professional boundaries and standards for exercise professionals in how they engage with clients, workplaces, and the industry and public in general. 
What are the benefits of having a code of ethics? 
The code clearly differentiates registered professionals from the 'cowboys' who can operate in our industry, but have not committed to any professional standards. The code provides your clients with important independently accountable protection, so for you as a registered exercise professional this gives you a very clear and marketable point of difference, and we encourage you to share the code with clients.

You can view the proposed updated code of ethics at this link :
You can view the current code of ethics at this link :

The code is divided into 5 principles, and we invite your feedback on each principle.

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