Workshop on the Present and Future Ocean Sciences, Technology, and Operations Workforce

2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting

West Building, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

1200-1330, Friday, 07 March 2008

Room W103 (just before and in the same room as the ocean workforce session, Session 093)

Click for a definition of OOS

* 1. Your first and last name:

* 2. Name of the company/organization at which you work:

* 3. Your company/organization's zip code:

* 4. At what type of company/organization do you work? (Check all that apply.)

* 5. Your email address:

* 6. Your job title:

* 7. Name of the department/organizational unit (e.g. lab or division) in which you work:

* 8. What is the nature of the work within your department/organizational unit? Please respond by:

In column 1, selecting up to two primary functions.

In column 2, selecting as many secondary functions as applicable.

In column 3, identifying those functions that are related to OOS.

  Primary function

(choose one or two)

Secondary function Function related to OOS
Advocacy and/or lobbying
Analysis and/or interpretation of ocean data
Data and information management
Data collection
Defense and/or homeland security
Education - formal
Education - informal and/or public outreach
Engineering - software
Environmental modeling (e.g. ocean circulation, ecosystem, etc.)
Environmental monitoring
Fishing, aquaculture, or extraction of other biological resources
Manufacturing, fabrication, and/or construction
Operation and/or maintenance of equipment and/or facilities
Operational analysis, modeling and/or forecasting
Policy making
Project/program planning and management
Regulatory or environmental management
Research (Scientific)
Resource extraction – oil, gas, or mineral
Other (Please provide additional information in question 21.)

* 8. Would you like us to order a lunch for you for at a cost of $10? (Please bring cash or a check to the meeting.)