The Nevada Coalition Resource List is intended for groups (Coalitions, Partnerships, Workgroups, Taskforce, Initiatives, Consortia, Committees) that are based in Nevada and have a child welfare focus.

*Information can be pasted into the survey boxes. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

For questions or assistance, please contact Denise Tanata Ashby at or 702-228-1869.

* 1. What is the name of the group?

* 2. Who is the contact person for the group?

* 3. What is the purpose/mission of the group?

* 4. What year was the group established?

* 5. Are the meetings open to the public?

* 6. In which city are the meetings held? Please indicate if the meetings are teleconferenced to multiple locations.

* 7. Does your group have smaller subgroups such as workgroups or committees? If so, please list the subgroups. (Example: Executive Committee, Policy Workgroup, Training Workgroup, Education Workgroup, etc.)

* 8. Does the group have a website, Twitter, Facebook, or any other type of social media? If yes, please include the links.

* 9. Please use the comment box below if there is any further information you would like us to know.

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