1. We hope you enjoyed the Pennies for Peace program.  Your feedback is very important to us!

* 1. Can you briefly explain WHY you chose to participate in a Pennies for Peace campaign?

* 2. Did you use the following resources when participating in the Pennies for Peace program? Please provide comments regarding your experience.

  Yes No
Toolkit Curriculum
Toolkit Videos
Toolkit Maps
Other Toolkit resources (please comment below)
Three Cups of Tea book

* 3. Were you able to use the Pennies for Peace Toolkit for Teachers to meet your curriculum objectives? Please provide some examples.

* 4. What did you find to be the most valuable component of the Pennies for Peace program for your group? (ie. Service learning, curriculum objectives, community service hours, other academics?)

* 5. If you launched a Penny Campaign, please provide comments to the questions below.

* 6. Please comment on any outcomes observed from your participants based on their experience with Pennies for Peace.

* 7. Is there anything you would add or change about the Pennies for Peace Toolkit? Please explain.

* 8. Is there anything else you would like to share with us while we work to increase the quality and effectiveness of the Pennies for Peace program?