Welcome and thank you!

Welcome and thank you for taking a few minutes to participate in this Million People, Million Jobs study on job-fit. To learn more about the study, go here.

The Nielson Group (http://www.nielsongroup.com) and Success Discoveries LLC (http://www.successdiscoveries.com), in partnership with TTI Success Insights (http://www.ttisuccessinsights.com/), the world leader in talent assessments, is conducting this study for the specific purpose of helping teens and college students identify high-potential careers based on a match to their talents (personality, behavioral style, motivational design and more). For participating, you will receive a comprehensive report about you, your behavioral style, what motivates you, your soft skills and more. All together, we call this your talent. The report you receive is the same report used to coach individuals and conduct job fit analysis in thousands of companies across the globe.

Once the study is completed, the aggregate results of this study will be used to help high school and college students match their talents to jobs that have high-potential for creating success and satisfaction.

Upon completion, you'll be redirected to the Career Coaching for Students website in case you want to learn more about how we help teens and young adults.

NEXT STEP: Once you've completed this quick survey, you'll be asked to complete a "talent assessment" that identifies your behavioral style, what motivates you and soft skills. This will take approximately 40 minutes 4 parts, 10 minutes each) so please plan accordingly. For best results, stay focused and avoid all interruptions. Your 60+ page talent analysis will be delivered to you automatically via e-mail upon completion of all parts.

Please give a thoughtful and honest response to the questions that follow.

Thanks again for participating!