We want to find out from you why young Queenslanders may find it difficult to access services, and how to make it easier for them to hear about, and access services designed to help. 

Your answers will help inform discussions at an upcoming Youth Sector Forum planned for May 2020, which the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women is planning in partnership with the Youth Affairs Network Queensland (YANQ).
Some of your comments may be shown at the forum. We have not collected your name or other personal information so you will remain anonymous.

Question Title

* 1. Why do you think some young people find it hard to connect with youth services?

E.g. homelessness services, youth workers, counsellors, etc.

Question Title

* 2. Can you think of solutions that may help young people want to access these services?

Question Title

* 3. What is the best way to get information to you about services? 
E.g. online, face to face, through school or some other way