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We are seeking to understand youth access to arts programs across the city of Chicago, and the impact arts programs have on their lives and communities.  Arts programs include but are not limited to performance arts  such as dance, music, spoken word, theatre; visual arts such as drawing, painting, sculpture; and digital media such as photography and filmmaking.

This initiative is being led by Changing Worlds, an arts organization that exists to foster inclusive communities through oral history, writing and art programs that improve student learning, affirm identity and enhance cross-cultural understanding.

We will use the findings from this needs assessment to help organizations and communities across the City of Chicago build and develop arts programs that meet the needs of youth, create opportunities for meaningful engagement of youth, and support the continued growth and positive development for communities across the city.   

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.  We want to make sure that the voices of all communities in the city are heard.  The survey takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. 
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