Project ENGAGE ME - I. C. Norcom Parent Survey  
msbicn 2.22.16

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100% of survey complete.

* 1. There are opportunities for parents to engage in activities or provide support at I.C. Norcom

* 2. All of my child's teachers give work that challenges my child.

* 3. All of my child's teachers use a variety of teaching strategies and learning activities.

* 4. All of my child's teachers meet his/her learning needs by individualizing instruction. 

* 5. All of my child's teachers keep me informed regularly of how my child is being graded and progressing in their classes.

* 6. My child knows the expectations for learning in all classes.

* 7. My child has at least one adult advocate in the school.

* 8. My child is given multiple assessments to measure his/her understanding of what was taught. 

* 9. My child has up-to-date computers and other technology to learn.

* 10. My child has access to support services based on his/her identified needs.