The Resource Development Office is currently assessing preschool curricula published by the UUA in the 1990's. Your feedback will be helpful in determining plans for revisions or new programs. Please share the survey with those who play a role in providing preschool programs in your congregation (e.g. religious professionals, teachers, parents of preschoolers, curriculum committee members, etc)

* 1. Are you currently using UUA published preschool curricula? If yes, which ones?

* 2. What non-UUA published preschool curricula are you using?

* 3. How do you group preschool age children?

* 4. How many preschool curricula do you need?

* 5. What are your overall goals for preschool curricula?

* 6. What elements or concepts do you think should be included in a preschool curriculum?

* 7. Are you currently using any children's Tapestry of Faith programs? Should new preschool curricula follow the Tapestry of Faith format?

* 8. How may we contact you for more information?

Thank you for completing this survey. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please contact Pat Kahn, Children and Family Programs Director, at