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The SEIU6 Worker Power School is comprised of interesting workshops and discussions. Our scheduled times and class locations have been designed with your convenience in mind, as we will offer workshops that fit most all time-schedules.  Workshops will be offered by zoom and in person. There will be opportunities to work with and gain the skills of Union organizers. Here, you will gain the information and experience you need to change the balance of power at your worksite and fight against injustice!
Also, if you are new to SEIU6, you will learn the about the details and benefits of Union membership.
So, please register today!! Simply take a few moments and complete the  form below. Once registered, you will receive a monthly  brochure of interesting workshops to select from. If you see a workshop you like, make plans to attend. Simple as that!

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Questions? Need more Info Call Ambar at 206-850-3723 or talk to your organizer