Active Travel Adventures Member Survey

I want to bring you epic adventures, so it helps to learn more about you and what you like.  Please take a minute to answer this easy poll.   Feel free to email me with more detailed info and suggestions at  I love hearing from you!  Kit

* 1. Have you ever taken a multi-day active adventure vacation?

* 2. Which of the following adventure activities do you like to do (check as many as apply)?

* 3. Which locations appeal the most to you when you think about adventure travel vacations (check as many as apply)?

* 4. My preferred travel mates (choose as many as applicable)

* 5. I can usually travel this long:

* 6. I usually travel this budget style:

* 7. My fitness level is:

* 8. This is how I usually plan my travel adventures:

* 9. Here's my FAVORITE way to go on an adventure trip:

* 10. I normally choose where to go next by: