2017 Fall Conference Survey

Please help us improve our YALS Conferences by filling out this 10 question survey.

* 1. Overall, how would you rate the 2017 YALS Fall Conference?

* 2. What was the most important factor in your attendance at this year’s YALS conference?

* 3. Did you enjoy the new seating arrangement where no tables were provided in the conference main room?

* 4. Do you like a central location for our Fall Conference, or would you rather meet at different library in the granite state each year?

* 5. Were you satisfied with the Brown Bag Breakfast and Lunch choices.

* 6. Do you prefer the traditional panel presentation where a panelist presents information followed by a Q&A period, or a discussion format where a community conversation is encouraged rather than a formal presentation?

* 7. Was the length of the conference too long or too short or about right?

* 8. What topics/speakers would you like future conferences to include?

* 9. What merchandise with the new YALS logo would you be interested in buying?

* 10. YALS needs your help! If you would like to volunteer to help YALS improve our Website, join either the Flume or Isinglass Board, or to help YALS read nominated book award titles, please provide your contact information in the comment section below.