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Buyer's Need Analysis

* 1. Which of the following categories best describes your work/profession?

* 2. What is your current location?

* 3. How many members are working in your current Team?

* 4. Do you think there should be a common platform wherein you can network and educate yourself in Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)?

* 5. Are you aware of the advantages of Legal Process Offshoring (LPO)?

* 6. Have you ever offshored your legal services to countries like India/South Africa?

* 7. To your knowledge, what best can be offshored to gain maximum advantages?

* 8. What is the average saving % you expect when you aim to offshore?

* 9. What is your primary concern/s while aiming to offshore?

* 10. Do you believe, Global LPO Conference 2011- London would address your concerns and help you connecting with the right LPO vendor?