The Department invests in a range of building capability for training organisations and the vocational education and training (VET) sector workforce as part of our commitment to supporting a high quality and responsive sector.

This includes purchase of Training and Assessment (TAE) qualifications and skill sets through the Subsidised Training List, and non-accredited professional learning through our Building Capability initiative.

Your RTO has been identified as having one or more TAE courses and/or skill sets on your ASQA scope, and a Funded Activities Agreement (FAA) with the Department for Innovation and Skills.

We are seeking your advice about your RTO’s current and intended delivery of TAE diploma-level qualifications and TAE skill sets to South Australian students, and any other types of professional development you deliver to upskill trainers and assessors.
The information you provide will be used to inform our market approach for the purchase of high-quality professional development for ACE and RTO staff in South Australia.
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