Paul Sung Brands - Concept Feedback Survey

Hi everyone!

I'm Paul Sung Ventresca, a part-time entrepreneur currently working on a patent pending infusion bottle system.

The bottle is a cartridge-based infusion concept that will allow users to blend concentrated essential oils, CBD oils, beard oils, or perfume oils with dilutes (alcohol, fractionated coconut oil, water, beverages, etc.).

The idea is to separate the two ingredients and the bottle will do the blending in one easy spray or pump mechanism. The cartridges can be removed and swapped in and out to allow users to mix-and-match ingredients with ease.

My primary use case would be for users to make their own essential oil sprays or custom perfume/cologne, but I'm open to other adaptations:

For example, you could make your own topical or room sprays, home cleaning solutions, or essential oil-infused soaps, lotions, cosmetics, and more. You could even infuse essential oils into beverages! Make your own custom perfume or cologne or use the bottle to apply beard oil or CBD oil solutions as well.

Tell us a bit about yourself, first impressions on the Paul Sung Bottle concept, and any feedback and features you'd like our product(s) to have!