1. Camp Verde Sign Code Update

A recent Supreme Court decision makes it necessary for The Town of Camp Verde to update their Sign Code. To comply with that decision and to make our Sign Code easier to understand, we are asking for your input. Now is the time to get involved and have a voice in these changes!

* 1. Do you reside in the Town of Camp Verde?

* 2. Do you own or manage a business in the Town of Camp Verde?

* 3. Where is your business located?

* 4. Does your business rely on signage as your main source of advertisement?

* 5. Have you applied for a Town of Camp Verde Sign Permit within the last 12 months?

* 6. Overall, how would you rate the quality of your customer service experience?

* 7. Please describe your experience.

* 8. Do you support the use of A-Frame signs?

* 9. Currently, A-Frame signs are only allowed on Main St. in Downtown. Do you support A-Frames outside of the Downtown District?

* 10. What changes would you like to see relating to A-Frame signs?

* 11. Currently, we allow signs 64 sq ft maximum size on a 20' high pole. Do you support larger, taller signs on Hwy 260?

* 12. What changes would you make to sign sizes on Hwy 260?

* 13. Do you support banners affixed to walls or fences as permanent signs? 

* 14. Do you support lighted signs with changing messages?

* 15. Do you find electronic changing message signs distracting?

* 16. Have you had contact with Camp Verde Code Enforcement?

* 17. Overall, how would you rate your Code Enforcement experience?

* 18. Please describe your experience.

* 19. Do you believe there is adequate, too much or not enough signage in Camp Verde?

* 20. Do you have suggestions or comments to help us improve our Sign Code and ultimately signage in Camp Verde?