As mentioned in our newsletter at the beginning of the year, Dublin Montessori Academy is making a commitment in expanding and enriching our children's educational experience by having them participate in a variety of community service projects. It has been a slow but steady process! It takes much time and effort to find the service projects that are appropriate for the children in our Dublin Montessori community. We want to provide activities and/or experiences which will provide a sense of community by involving them in choosing, planning, and implementing the activities. Empowering our children to identify and respond to community needs, will help them become empathetic and thoughtful individuals. Thus sending them on a path of continued community service and volunteering, both locally and globally, throughout the rest of their lives.

In reflection of the year so far, we have attached a survey that will help us get your feedback on the events that have happened and ideas moving forward. We value your opinion and input into this important piece of your child’s overall growth and development. Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey.