Refuse and Recycling Collection Program

The Town of Strasburg currently provides residents in the community with curbside refuse (trash) collection services on a weekly basis and curbside recycling collection services on an every-other-week basis through American Disposal Services (ADS). Our contract with ADS will expire at the end of June 2017, so we want to hear from YOU!

Background Information
Residents may provide containers for their trash or put their trash in bags on the curb. For recycling, the Town sells 18-gallon containers for $10.00 each. Alternately, appropriately marked containers may also be used for recycling. You can pick up a free recycling sticker at the Town Office to put on your containers.
The Town charges a fee of $8.95 per month for trash collection and $2.05 for recycling collection, for a total of $11.00.

Please answer the following questions. Your responses will remain anonymous.

* 1. Do you rent or own your home?

* 2. Residents currently provide their own containers for trash and recycling. Would you be willing to pay up to $2 extra per month for the Town to provide trash and recycling containers to its residents? (Check all that apply.)