Tamoxifen: Side Effects & More

Tamoxifen was first synthesized half a century ago and has been used to treat breast cancer for over forty years. Yet the anti-estrogen is not an easy drug. Tamoxifen has its very own black box warning and a host of side effects that often receive little to no attention from anyone beyond those who take the drug.

Without proper reporting of adverse effects, there will be no modification to documentation and little to no attention paid to quality of life (QoL) concerns and long term effects related to the now recommended 10 year course.

Let's change that! Please feel free to share your Tamoxifen experiences in an effort to bring a bit more attention to QoL and the long term effects. At the very least, we can finally share what is considered 'normal' within the framework of taking the drug.

Thank you for participating in this survey and sharing your thoughts, please feel free to share the survey link with others.


NOTE: As you may have gathered, this is not a formal study with a principal investigator nor has this survey been through an ethics review board. I am not a researcher by profession but I am a researcher by necessity. After a series of side effects that are rare according to my oncologist, I reached out in support communities and found others who, like me, have experienced a variety of atypical side effects. This is my attempt to bring enough attention to the matter of QoL (and to help illustrate the reasons why some choose to stop a potentially life extending drug) in the hopes more formal "sanctioned" studies can be initiated.