1. Squash Coaches Survey

I would like to ask your opinion and advice. You are familiar with The Squash Player magazine and our balance of content. We largely concentrate on players and playing but we also include articles on how to improve, train and play better in our workshop section. Are these of any use or interest?

Coaches are a crucial group and important for the future of our game. If we can we would like to provide some expert (and not necessarily expert) content for the coaching community. What would you be interested in? I haven’t met a coach yet who doesn’t have a one very good idea or a favourite practice he or she should be sharing. We are the people who take what the experts say and break it down into simple practical steps we can use on court and with players. However the experts can provide us with new ideas and challenge the ways we do things. What would you like from them?

Perhaps there are other services we should be providing and again we would like your views.

We are reviewing our content and would like to be effective within the sport and interest our readers and this includes you.

Ian McKenzie
The Squash Player magazine