Dear friends and colleagues,
   Thank you for your interest in this brief survey conducted by Drs. David Burns and Diane Schiano. We want to know how you are feeling right now, and how you were feeling just prior to the time you first became aware of the corona virus pandemic. The survey will just take a few minutes. You will not be asked for any identifying information, and can decide to stop at any time.
   If you have any questions or comments, please contact Dr. Schiano at djs.recherches@gmail.com. Dr. Burns and I will share the results of this study on one of his weekly Feeling Good Podcasts, which are currently focused on how to deal with the emotional and interpersonal impact of the pandemic.
   The study is not strictly scientific—it is informal. Still, the results might be interesting!
   Once again, thanks for participating. We appreciate your help!
Diane and David