* 1. Are you aware of businesses/organizations in the Region of Waterloo who are making an effort to offer times when their
environment is more sensory friendly to those customers with special needs?

* 2. Could you please list any such businesses or organizations of which you are aware?

* 3. What types of establishments would you appreciate offering some sensory friendly hours?

* 4. What aspects of the sensory/environmental accommodations worked for you (or your child) ?

* 5. What aspects of the sensory/environmental accommodations did not work for you (or your child) ?

* 6. What environmental adjustments would you like to see establishments offer to support the sensory needs of yourself or your child?

* 7. Are there establishments in the community you (or your child) choose to avoid due to sensory issues or environmental discomfort?

* 8. On a scale of 1 to 5, (with 5 being of great benefit and 1 being of no benefit), how much impact do you feel sensory conscious
business hours at local establishments would have on your (or your child's) quality of life?

* 9. Finally tell us about yourself, are you: