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This is a digital survey regarding intra-operative antithrombotic strategies during non-cardiac arterial procedures (NCAP).  

With this survey we aim to get more insight into the different antithrombotic strategies during NCAP worldwide. 

This survey is conducted in collaboration with the European Vascular Research Collaborative (EVRC) and the ACTION-1 research collaborative.

To reach out to you for any additional questions and to analyse any possible geographic trends we will ask you to state your country of origin, hospital and E-mail address.

Your answers will be processed under a pseudonym. Your personal data will be protected by a password and will only be saved in the database of the Amsterdam University Medical Centre. Your data will be deleted from the database 10 years after publication. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be taken into consideration when processing your data. 

Taking the survey will take approximately 7 minutes. 

Thank you for participating in this survey. 

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European Vascular Research Collaborative (EVRC)

<strong>European Vascular Research Collaborative (EVRC)&nbsp;</strong><br>