1. Take the “Getting Greener” Pledge

A Message from the Green Task Force

Environmentally responsible and responsive habits both create and are driven by cultures. Institutional decisions and practices are important, but responsible habits and practices are often played out on the lived level of individuals, groups and communities. The Gettysburg Seminary Green Task Force invites you to take five minutes to fill out this "Environmental Pledge" to identify green practices you have already adopted and to identify further steps you are willing to embrace in the environmental journey.

We wish to acknowledge the work of many people and institutions who provide additional resources for this pledge, especially the Yale Sustainability project people who created the skeletal outline for this pledge, which attempts to be apt for a seminary context.

This survey also offers you a series of links that help us all be more informed about the specific efficiencies and savings when we adopt new green habits. And don't forget that there is more to learn at the seminary's Green pages www.Ltsg.edu/green and www.Lutheransrestoringcreation.org

Thanks for what you are doing now, and thanks even more for what you will try to do in the next year or two in our midst.
Your help will make this campus and community greener than ever.

~The Gettysburg Green Task Force

On the following pages use the check boxes to tell us about the great things you are already doing, things you will do, and mark those items that don’t apply to your situation. Consider committing to making at least four positive changes to your everyday actions.

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