SDOT is considering changes to the Commercial Vehicle Loading Zone (CVLZ) permit as part of our Commercial Vehicle Pricing Pilot.

Changes include refining permit eligibility to commercial vehicles, requiring a permit for use of zones in downtown Seattle, and extending CVLZ hours to 24 hours a day. Please share your feedback on how you use the permit program.

For more information on the CVLZ project, please see

* 1. Please provide your contact information (optional).

* 2. How long has your company had CVLZ permits?

* 3. What type of vehicle(s) do you purchase permits for?

* 4. Does the vehicle(s) that you purchase a CVLZ permit for have your business name printed on both sides?

* 5. Our pilot project may use technology that will verify legal CVLZ use. One option for doing so is using the unique Good To Go! tag number that many vehicles already have. No charges will be made to Good To Go! accounts, but the technology could support pay by use in a future project phase. Does the vehicle(s) that you purchase a CVLZ permit for have a WSDOT Good to Go! tag installed?

* 6. What is the most common way your company uses CVLZs?

* 7. How many permits does your business currently have?

* 8. Does your business use transferable permits?

* 9. SDOT is considering changing CVLZ enforcement hours to 24 hours a day and requiring a permit for CVLZ use in parts of downtown. Please indicate the time periods your company normally uses curbspace for loading or delivering goods in downtown Seattle today? (check all)

* 10. SDOT is considering restricting permit eligibility to limit the use of CVLZs by most types of passenger vehicles. Do you have comments or concerns about this proposal?

* 11. SDOT is beginning work on a citywide Freight Master Plan. Among other topics, this plan will evaluate loading and delivery issues. If you would like to be a part of the planning process, please provide your email address.