The Division of Agriculture is interested in hearing from meat processers who may be interested in expanding their operation to include USDA accreditation, increasing processing, and/or providing a USDA slaughter facility. The Board of Agriculture and Conservation will be discussing how to transition from Mt. McKinley Meat & Sausage from a state owned USDA facility to private sector. Please complete the survey below by May 30th, 2014.

* 1. Are you a meat processor?

* 2. If yes, where is your operation located?

* 3. Are you USDA approved?

* 4. If no, are you interested in becoming a USDA approved facility?

* 5. If no, why not?

* 6. Do you process year round?

* 7. Do you process only game animals at a certain time of the year?

* 8. If yes, during what months?

* 9. Do you process Alaska Grown products?

* 10. What Alaska Grown product do you process?

* 11. What Alaskan Grown products would you like to have access to that you currently do not?

* 12. Do you have a market for Alaska Grown product?

* 13. If yes, can you meet the demand of the market?

* 14. Do you utilize a USDA slaughter facility within the state?

* 15. Do you utilize Mt. McKinley Meat and Sausage (MMM&S)?

* 16. If yes, for what services? Check all that apply.

* 17. What is your primary market? Check all that apply.

* 18. Would you be interested in owning/operating a USDA slaughter facility?

* 19. Would you be interested in utilizing a privately owned USDA approved facility?

* 20. Would you be interested in joining a co-op that owned/operated a USDA facility?

* 21. Would you be interested in participating in a teleconference/meeting to further discuss the items/issues above?

* 22. If interested in participating in a teleconference/meeting how may we contact you?

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