Epigenetics Consortium of South Australia's 2016 Workshop Survey

After the success of our last EpiCSA workshop, we'd like to hear from our members (or potential members) about what they'd like to see from our group. 

Remember, all you need to do to join EpiCSA is fill out the form on our website (https://epicsa.org.au/contact/). Membership is free! 

Keep a look out for the details of our next workshop (DNA Methylation and Bioinformatics: June 22nd, 2016) 

* 1. What institution do you currently work for?

* 2. Are you a student?

* 3. What epigenetic applications do you currently use or which epigenetic modifications are you interested in?

* 4. What future workshops would you like to see EpiCSA run?

* 5. What is the best time of year to run a workshop?

* 6. How may hours should a workshop run for?

* 7. Are you a member of EpiCSA?