* 1. Charlotte Viewpoint aims to measurably impact the common good by helping shape what the Charlotte metropolitan region can be.

In our continued efforts to elevate civic discourse and shared standards of intellectual and artistic excellence, we are working on our next project:

A highly interactive discussion series on big ideas changing the world.

We are planning the details and we need your input. Help us shape this exciting new venture by answering the following questions:

What day of the week is best for you for an evening gathering?

* 2. What time would be best for you for a 2-hour interactive conversation?

* 3. Here is a sampling of topics among many we are considering. Which of the following interests you? (check as many as you like)

* 4. What big ideas would you recommend for discussion?

* 5. How much would you be willing to pay for an evening of interactive facilitated discussion on big ideas? Monies collected offset costs and help support Charlotte Viewpoint's mission.

* 6. How often would you attend?

* 7. Would you or your company be interested in sponsoring the series? Sponsors receive a range of benefits depending on sponsorship level. If so, how might we reach you?

* 8. How often do you visit the Charlotte Viewpoint website?

* 9. Which section(s) of our site do you visit most?

* 10. What do we do best?

* 11. What could we do better?

* 12. How did you hear about Charlotte Viewpoint?

* 13. How do you get to the Charlotte Viewpoint website?

* 14. Where do you live?

* 15. What is your gender?

* 16. How old are you?

* 17. What is the highest level of education you received?

* 18. With which other local media do you engage?

* 19. How might we engage you further or partner with you?

* 20. Anything else you'd like for us to know?