Background information

Welcome to the first survey to develop a Roadmap on the prevention of CVD in diabetes patients. Please note that within the survey Diabetes refers only to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

Within the survey you will find 3 main sections
1. Background and general questions
2. Pathway of care - broken into a number of sections
3. Possible roadblocks and solutions

The survey will take approximately 15-18 minutes to complete. You may complete the survey over a number of sittings and do not have to complete all in one sitting.

This first section requires some background information that will allow us to organise the information by country and regions, and contact you related to updates and future involvement in the project. 

Please note that within this survey we have included questions from screening to management, to gain a better understanding on the entire pathway of care may be organised and delivered. HOWEVER THE FOCUS OF THIS PROJECT IS ON PREVENTION, so it may be the case that not all of your comments will be included in the final publication. This will be dependent on the agreed scope of the project.

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