Enriching Life in the Comox Valley


2. How has your project enriched lives in the Comox Valley? How do you know this? [max. 250 words or 1200 characters]

Impact stories help people understand the role of charitable work in our communities. Our role at the CVCF is to direct funds to help organizations like yours realize their mission. Since it’s not always possible for us to be at the frontline where community organizations make a difference, the next best thing is to do so by sharing stories. These stories help us raise the profile of the CVCF, of your organization, and hopefully, philanthropy across our region.

The most powerful impact stories you can share are those that feature someone who has benefited as a result of your organization receiving this specific grant. We understand this is not always possible due to privacy issues and personal preferences, and in those cases, quotes or information demonstrating the impact could be collected from staff or volunteers. We may use your story as part of our communications activities to promote the work of the CVCF and of your organization as well as to advertise CVCF grant and project opportunities.

Please provide a story example of how your project made an impact on an individual, organizations and/or community. Please include one quote or statement from a person involved in this story.

4. A picture is worth a thousand words!  Please upload one quality photo that illustrates the impact of your initiative. This may be used in our promotional materials.

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5. (OPTIONAL) If you have an additional photo you would like to share, please upload here. This may be used in our promotional materials.

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Were the funds used as originally stated in your approved grant application?

7. If you answered "No" to the above question, did you advise the Comox Valley Community Foundation of these changes?

8. Please describe how you recognized Comox Valley Community Foundation for this grant (where did you place our logo, did you mention us in an article, through social media, at your events, etc.).

Thank you for your project completion form. We look forward to reading about the positive impact your project made for the Comox Valley.