CVCC Career Services - Focus 2 Career Planning Software Online

Thank you for participating in the CVCC Career Services Program and the FOCUS 2 career planning software. To better serve our present and future students, we need your feedback relating to FOCUS 2. Below you will find a short survey. Please take a moment to complete the items; please be sure to provide specific comments (positive or negative) and suggestions in the comment boxes provided, so that we may know how to better serve you and the other students. Once again, thank you!

* 1. Please rate FOCUS 2's ease of use.

* 2. Which specific areas in the FOCUS 2 program did you find to be most useful and why?

* 3. Which specific areas in the FOCUS 2 program did you find to be least useful and why?

* 4. Overall, did you find the FOCUS 2 program to be helpful for you?

* 5. Do you believe that your FOCUS 2 results will significantly impact your educational decisions here at CVCC and possibly at other institutions?

* 6. Did you learn anything about yourself and your potential career choices from your participation in FOCUS 2?

* 7. Did your participation in FOCUS 2 validate or reinforce anything that you already knew or suspected concerning yourself and your potential career choices?

* 8. Were you surprised by any of your FOCUS 2 results?

* 9. Would you recommend FOCUS 2 to a friend?