1. Your First Pelvic Exam

This is an anonymous survey for women and their experience with their first pelvic exam. Please take a few moments to share your experience. For more information check out firstpelvicexam.com

* 1. How old were you when you had your first pelvic exam?

* 2. What country do you live in?

* 3. Was there a specific reason you had your first pelvic exam?

* 4. Who accompanied you to your first pelvic exam?

* 5. How best describes your emotions that day

* 6. Were you examined by a male or female

* 7. If you were examined by a male, how did you feel about it

* 8. When you were first taken back to the exam room:

* 9. When you were told to undress, were you given privacy to do that?

* 10. When you were told to undress were you:

* 11. Since this was your first pelvic exam it was expected that you would have to undress. Had you been required to undress for any previous physical exams?

* 12. When the doctor came in was he or she accompanied by a nurse?

* 13. Even though this was your first pelvic exam, had you seen this doctor before? If yes, what for?

* 14. How did you feel about the doctor that was going to examine you?

* 15. Did the doctor take time to explain things to you?

* 16. What things did the doctor do?

* 17. If the doctor did a rectal exam, did you know it was going to happen?

* 18. If your rectal exam wasn't done while you were in the stirrups, how was it done?

* 19. What was the most embarrassing aspect of your first pelvic exam?

* 20. How did you feel after your exam was over?

* 21. Please take a few moments and describe what happened during your first pelvic exam.