bX Hot Articles is a new service that shows what scholarly articles are trending in different disciplines every month. The service is based on usage data collected from hundreds of academic institutions worldwide - across platforms, publishers and journals.

The service is free. You can embed the list of Hot Articles in any Web page, receive e-mail alerts, request updates as RSS feeds or as XML or JSON output, or use a mobile app for iPhone and Android. In the current beta phase you can view it here:


or request the Android version from christine.stohn@exlibrisgroup.com.

Please help us to optimize the service by reviewing it and answering this short questionnaire. For any questions please contact christine.stohn@exlibrisgroup.com.

Thank you very much!

The Ex Libris bX Team

* 1. What is your discipline (e.g. Business, Law, Nursing, Physics ...)

* 2. What is your status / role?

* 3. bX Hot Articles list the most used articles for specific subjects. Do you find that the articles fit the given subjects well?

* 4. Do you find the subject granularity sufficient?

* 5. Are the articles that are currently listed on the service of interest to you for your discipline?

* 6. Did you discover any articles that are of interest to you and that you did not know about?

* 7. Do you find the design and functionality of the service clear and easy to use?

* 8. Would you use Hot Articles regularly?

* 9. Where do you see the biggest benefit of Hot Articles for you. Do you have any other suggestions or comments about the service?