Client Satisfaction Survey

We would appreciate your feedback. All About Kids strives for excellence in supporting your family’s needs.
This survey is anonymous, however you are welcome to provide your name and contact details in the first comments box below.

* 1. What made you choose All About Kids? (Please note which location you visited)

* 2. How friendly was the receptionist when you arrived at our clinic?

* 3. How helpful was the staff?

* 4. My child's experience with the clinician was

* 5. My child's progress has been

* 6. My experience with the clinician was

* 7. The outcome of therapy for me was

* 8. Comment on how we could improve our support for children, adolescents and family members.

* 9. Comment on the support and services you believe were very good or excellent.

* 10. Would you recommend All About Kids to other families.