Community Impact Section //  Charitable Giving & Volunteering

This survey contains 15 questions. We take the information you provide and add it up with the information provided by all the other credit unions in your state. It is used throughout the year – as one of our most powerful advocacy tools – to show lawmakers the economic and community impact of credit unions in their state. Your data will remain confidential, only being used in aggregate with the data provided by all other credit unions in your state.

Make sure your credit union isn’t left out and help us have the best information possible for lawmakers – submit your information by Thursday, December 16.

Please provide data for 12 months. You may project the numbers for year-end 2021 or provide 12-month figures from December 2020-November 2021.

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1. Please provide your contact information:

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2. Total amount your credit union donated or raised toward scholarships and charitable causes:
Include any funding you may have received from HCUCF Community Development grants

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3. Total number of hours you estimate your staff volunteered for charitable causes: