Consultation Phase Survey

The CAIF project will target women who are at risk and ensure they are supported to maximize participation in high quality education programs and address equity and access.
The women at risk will work with service providers to co-design the pre-accredited programs, to ensure their barriers are addressed and support the learners to meet their needs and aspirations to pursue further education and employment. The course will be developed and delivered by a network of providers who work together in their local catchment to ensure women can access these programs easily. The program will take into consideration access to transport, innovation-engaging programs to maximise their participation and address some of their life skills issues (financial literacy and knowledge of community support groups) to ensure the women have wrap around services to support education pathways.

* 1. As a participant of this survey I identify myself as:

* 2. Are you an adult trainer?

* 3. In your opinion women who are at risk are most likely to engage in an Education program:

* 4. When women who are at risk are planning to attend education programs they prioritise the following issues / concerns or what to be informed about
(Please mark priority from 1-10)

* 5. If classes are co designed with the input of the clients, what factors should an organisation consider in their planning
(Please prioritise: High, Medium or Low)

  High priority Medium priority Low priority
Cost ( of the Course)

* 6. If a student is engaged in a course, how can the organisation best support the client to stay engaged and retain student attendance and completion

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