Welcome to our survey!

In response to a California Urban Partnership led effort – which was supported by numerous local community based organizations and activists – the City of Sacramento is now creating the Cannabis Opportunity, Reinvestment and Equity Program (CORE).  The purpose of the CORE program is to ensure that populations most harmed by marijuana arrests and jail sentences are able to participate and benefit in Sacramento’s legal cannabis industry. 

We are now conducting research on entrepreneurs who may qualify for CORE, and be eligible for assistance with applying for licenses to start and operate legal marijuana businesses.  We would also like to identify and help non-marijuana businesses who are interested in providing services and products to this industry.

Information collected will be used to develop an understanding of what is needed to help CORE eligible and capable populations be successful.  Please note that this survey is NOT an application; and NOT a guarantee of admission into the CORE program.  The California Urban Partnership is fully committed to protecting your privacy, and will not share your information with any outside agencies.