The Critical Urban Education (CUE) Speaker Series is a bi-annual event bringing leading national scholars to Montclair State University. Open to all community members, CUE provides a forum to develop attendees' racial and political analysis through a series of lectures and workshops focused on social and cultural issues influencing urban schools and communities.

The summit will kick off with a performance by Newark elementary school students, local  youth spoken word poets and DJ Justis.   The keynote, The Racialization and Reimagination of Teachers of Color: Resisting Pushout from K-12 Schools, will be delivered by Rita Kohli, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of California-Riverside. Even teaching in predominantly student of Color spaces, teachers of Color are often minoritized professionally.  Building on the narratives of justice-oriented teachers of Color, this talk will shed light on racialized struggles of working in a predominantly White profession, the toll it can take on their mental, emotional and physical well being, and how it can lead to pushout from the profession.  Kohli will also outline the strategies teachers of Color have used to collectively cope, heal from, and resist racism; thus, reclaiming their deserved place as educators in K-12 schools.
Following a communal lunch, participants will have the opportunity to attend two rounds of workshops lead by urban education scholars.  Topics will include: ethnic studies; trauma and healing; supporting teachers of color; social justice STEM, Teaching with Hip hop and spoken word and teaching critical theory.  The day will close with an opportunity for reflection, networking and the return of DJ Justis.

DATE: April 18, 2018

TIME: Registration 10:00 AM -6:00 PM

LOCATION: 7th Floor Conference Center, University Hall, MSU

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10:00-10:30 Opening and Performances Nelly and The Loud Project and DJ Justis Lopez

10:30-12:30 Morning Keynote and Discussion

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-3:00 Workshop Block 1

3:15-4:45 Workshop Block 2

5:00-5:30  DJ Justis, Raffle, and Networking





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WORKSHOP 1 - Radically Healing Ourselves, Our Schools & Our Communities

A new movement of healing justice is essential to facilitate efforts of repairing the damage done by the erosion of hope resulting from structural violence in urban communities. Efforts to promote personal and collective liberation require a self-conscious process that allows individuals to challenge personal and structural barriers by drawing upon the strengths of one’s history and cultural connection. This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to learn about and actively engage in activities based on the five principles of the Radical Healing framework: CARMA: Culture, Identity, Agency, Relationships, Meaning, and Aspirations (Ginwright, 2015).

Presenters: Christina "V" Villarreal, Lecturer & Director of History/Social Studies Education, Brown University and Farima Pour-Khorshid, Kindergarten Teacher at Cherryland Elementary School in Hayward, CA, Teacher Educator at the University of San Francisco and PhD Candidate at University of California, Santa Cruz

Audience: early childhood/ elementary educators, middle school educators, high school educators, higher ed educators, general interest to all

- Ethnic Studies in Elementary: Challenging Colonialism in the Curriculum

In this session, the presenter will share the theoretical framework and curricular examples across the elementary subject matter. Participants will then work in small grade level groups to analyze the standards, brainstorm possible lessons to counter colonialism, and present their ideas for feedback. Participants will leave the session with handouts of examples lessons and experience in the process of developing their own lessons for the grade level contexts.

Presenter: Carolina Valdez, Ph.D. CSU Fullerton

Audience: early childhood/ elementary educators, middle school educators

WORKSHOP 3 - The Importance of Racial Literacy and Critical Community: Supporting the Retention and Growth of Teachers of Color (a space for people who identify as people of Color)

This workshop is a racial affinity space for k-12 educators who identify as teachers of Color, particularly those who are justice-oriented.  While they make up just 18% of the teaching force, they leave the profession at a rate 24% higher per year than their White counterparts.  With the purpose of supporting the retention and growth of teachers of Color, this workshop will build upon critical theory and research to discuss the racialized barriers participants are facing in their school sites, and strategize ways to navigate, confront and resist racism with critical community.                  

Presenter: Rita Kohli; Assistant Professor; University of California, Riverside

Audience: teacher of Color focused space
WORKSHOP 4 - “The Hegemonster” and Ethnic Studies Praxis Story Plot: Impacts of teaching critical theory in K-12 classrooms

Drawing from Smith's (2006), "Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy," this workshop will engage with theoretical frameworks to better understand ways to teach about power in K-12 classrooms. We will focus on the "Hegemonster," a character used to teach power alongside the "Ethnic Studies Praxis Story Plot." Participants will learn about projects used in K-12 settings and approaches for teaching theory. We will also collaborate to exchange ideas on ways to apply the learned theories to our specific contexts and classrooms. We will pay particular attention to racialization guided by Asian American Studies, critical race, and Ethnic Studies analyses.

Taken together these frames have the potential to offer critical educators new theoretical tools and approaches for practice.

Presenter: Edward R. Curammeng California State University, Dominguez Hills, People's Education Movement
Audience: General Interest to All

WORKSHOP 5 - Eliciting Students’ Ideas for Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Science & Mathematics Classrooms

Participants in this workshop will learn more about the role of eliciting student ideas is fostering culturally relevant pedagogy in mathematics and science classrooms.  A role play activity will give participants the opportunity to practice how to engage in thinking through a critical incident in a high school classroom involving racial bias.

Presenter: Doug Larkin, Associate Professor, Montclair State University

Audience: Middle School Educators, High School Educators, General Interest to All

WORKSHOP 6 - Student Voice Student Choice: Emotional, Social and Educational empowerment through the open mic movement

For students to truly be invested in and benefit from their education they need to have voice and choice in that process regardless of grade level or subject. The educational experience is less effective when students don’t have the opportunity to see and hear themselves. Enjoy a highly interactive workshop session centered around ways to increase student efficacy through The Open Mic movement in education. A space where students voices and experiences are uplifted through creative expression such as: spoken word, dance, art, music and a multitude of other mediums. Come and build with fellow educators across curriculum content and grade levels and learn about case study experiences from educators about incorporating an open mic culture throughout your classroom and school. This workshop will end with a live open mic in which you will have a chance to participate in and experience. Come as yourself. We welcome all.

Presenters: Justis Lopez, Social Studies Teacher, Urban Assembly For Applied Math And Science , Ryan Parker, Literacy Coach, Illing Middle School, Matt Delaney, Language Arts Teacher, Manchester High School

Audience: Middle School Educators, High School Educators, Higher Ed. Educators, General Interest to All

Workshop 7 - Examining Gendered and Racialized Societal Expectations Using Social Justice Mathematics and Critical Media Literacy

Participants will engage in a hands-on math activity in small groups to investigate the proportions of the new "curvy Barbie" (and male dolls too, apologies that I do not have a gender nonconforming doll as gender is not binary) after a brief discussion of Social Justice Mathematics. The mathematics will be differentiated by participants’ own choice to investigate either middle school mathematics (ratio and proportion) or high school mathematics (statistics). We will also discuss how the media influences gendered and racialized beauty standards. Participants will receive resources and network with each other to support future social justice mathematics lessons in their own classrooms.

Presenter: Kari Kokka, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Pittsburgh

Audience: Middle School Educators, High School Educators

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