WOMEN AGED 30 AND OLDER ARE ESPECIALLY ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE, although women aged 18-29 are also welcome.

This survey is part of a study examining women's relationships with others, body attitudes, and eating habits. If you choose to participate, this study will take you approximately 10-15 minutes. This study is anonymous; therefore, your responses will be confidential. Other than what you voluntarily submit in response to the survey, no information or software will be taken from or left on your computer, no tracking methods will be used to collect information, upload “cookies,” or do anything else that might compromise your privacy. By submitting responses you give your consent to participate.

I ask that you respond honestly to all questions as best you can, as the validity of the study will depend on your honest answers.

At any point during the experiment, you can withdraw your participation without penalty or repercussion by closing out of your browser. If you have questions or concerns about this research, feel free to contact me. My name is Casey Augustus-Horvath, and my email address is caseyaugustus@yahoo.com. My faculty advisor is Dr. Tracy Tylka. Please feel free to also contact her if you have questions about this study. She is an assistant professor at The Ohio State University at Marion. Her phone number is 740-389-6786 x 6384, and her email address is tylka.2@osu.edu.

**Please answer all items.**
Thank you for your time!

* I am a woman aged 18 or older.

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