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So how is Louisiana confronting this health issue?
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Baton Rouge and New Orleans rank 2nd and 3rd among America’s largest metropolitan areas for the rate of new HIV diagnoses. For AIDS cases, Baton Rouge and New Orleans rank 1st and 5th. Nearly one-third of new cases for both diseases are among women and more than three-quarters of new diagnoses are among blacks.

So how is Louisiana confronting this health issue? Who is most at-risk? Do new testing methods exacerbate the problem? Is the solution just more funding and education? Where is the line drawn between individual responsibility and government intervention? Watch “Preventable: HIV/AIDS in Louisiana” on Louisiana Public Square, airing Wednesday, February 27th at 7 p.m. on LPB HD. (Taping, Thursday, Feb 21st.)

* 1. In your opinion, how much of a problem do you think HIV/AIDS is in the United States?

* 2. Do you think HIV/AIDS is a bigger problem today than it has been in the past, or less of a problem compared to how it’s been in the past?

* 3. New reports indicate that Baton Rouge leads the nation in AIDS cases per capita. In your opinion, which of the following do you think contributes most to this statistic?

* 4. Bearing in mind the different ways people can be infected with HIV- how concerned are you about you or someone you know becoming infected with HIV?

* 5. In your opinion, who should get tested for HIV?

* 6. Have you or anyone you know ever been tested for HIV?

* 7. How much prejudice and discrimination do you think there is against people living with HIV and AIDS in this country today- a lot, some, only a little or none at all?

* 8. Do you think most people in Baton Rouge have access to needed HIV prevention services, such as HIV education, testing, and counseling or not?

* 9. In general, do you think the state/local government spends

* 10. As you may know, Louisiana is one of 26 states that require abstinence be stressed in sexual education classes in school. In your opinion, do you support or oppose abstinence-only education?

* 11. Would you consider supporting legislation that would replace abstinence-only education with more comprehensive sexual education?

* 12. As you may know, Louisiana does not require schools to offer sexuality or sexually transmitted disease (STD)/HIV education. Would you consider supporting legislation that would require sexual education be added to public school curriculum?