1. 2014 College Teaching Symposium for Graduate Students

2014 College Teaching Symposium for UAlbany Graduate Students

Friday, August 22
Registration: 9:30am
Event: 10:00am – 3:30pm
Location: Hall of Fame Room, SEFCU Arena

The UAlbany College Teaching Symposium is designed to engage new and returning graduate student instructors in exploration of ways to be an effective university teacher. There will be sessions designed for both new and experienced instructors.

Session topics include
* Understanding your "teacher persona"
* Designing in-class activities
* Drafting effective course policies
* Fostering active learning
* Setting expectations on the first day of class

This program addresses issues relevant to a range of possible graduate student instructor roles
* Instructor of record (full course responsibility)
* Lab Instructor
* Discussion section leader
* Teaching Assistant in a large class
* Grader

All events associated with this program are RECOMMENDED for all graduate students who are currently in or will be taking on instructor or teaching assistant roles at the University at Albany.

This year's Symposium is co-sponsored by the Future Faculty Leadership Council and the Institute for Teaching, Learning and Academic Leadership.

Lunch is included in the day's events.

Please register by August 15.

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