Section 1: Consent to participate in survey

Thank you for your interest in completing this survey. This survey was developed by The Human Resources for Health in 2030 Program (HRH2030), which is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). HRH2030 works to build a strong health workforce needed to improve health outcomes, including ensuring that adolescents have access to high quality sexual and reproductive health services.

We have prepared a draft Adolescent Family Planning Provider Competencies document to improve health provider competency and would like to get your thoughts. With increased competency in adolescent family planning, health workers and other service providers can provide more accurate information and higher quality care. We want to understand how we can improve this resource and whether the content is understandable, useful, and relevant to your context.

We are seeking English-speaking participants from the following groups:
• Providers of FP services (all adults, male and female)
• Youth aged 18 – 24 (male and female). You may only participate if your age is higher than the age of majority/age of adulthood in your country.
We are currently recruiting participants in countries supported by USAID in Africa and Asia, excluding India.

You will be asked to participate in a survey about adolescent family planning competency. We are inviting you to take part in this activity because we feel that your experience can contribute much to our understanding about adolescent family planning competency. Your participation in this activity is entirely voluntary. It is your choice whether to participate or not. You may change your mind later at any time. If you are a health care provider, whether you choose to participate or not, your job and responsibilities will continue, and nothing will change. If you agree to continue, you will be asked several questions related to family planning services. You will not be asked any personal or sensitive questions or share any knowledge or opinions that you are not comfortable sharing. We anticipate that this survey will take 30-45 minutes. If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Erin Seiler, who works with the HRH2030 program at Chemonics International at There will be no direct benefit to you from participating in this activity.

The information you share will be kept confidential and anonymous.

Study Approval
This study has been reviewed by an institutional review board (IRB), which is a committee that has reviewed this research study to help ensure that your rights and welfare as a research participant are protected and that the research study is carried out in an ethical manner.  

I have read the foregoing information, or it has been read to me. I have had the opportunity to ask questions about it and any questions I have asked, have been answered to my satisfaction. I consent voluntarily to be a participant in this study.

Question Title

* 1. Do you consent and wish to continue?

7% of survey complete.