Welcome to the Circling Back Survey

Moorsaic Strategic Services Inc., on behalf of Energeticcity.ca and Moose FM, is circling back on the engagement done in February, March, and April 2022 when we explored how to serve the community better with news and stories that are relevant and to understand better how to increase reader trust and engagement.  

Energetic City has been working on improving its service to the community in the delivery of news since the Media Evolution Striving to Serve Audience engagement report and recommendations were released in May 2022.   Since the release of that report and recommendations, Energeticcity.ca has:
  • added an investigative journalist to their team, through the financial support of its audience.  The first story "Code Grey" is looking into the issues with the healthcare system in the region.
  • improved transparency of Energeticcity.ca with blog series detailing the behind-the-scenes aspects of stories, profiled staff, direct support initiatives, and highlighted Energeticcity.ca policies and guiding principles.
  • made adjustments to the newsletter and how readers sign up and unsubscribe, ensuring they receive only the news they wish to receive.
  • established specific newsletters, for example, Peace Politics - focusing on politics in Northeast BC as presented by the civic reporter.
  • returning to attend more local events in an official capacity as well as planning their own community events.
  • developed a newsletter welcome campaign, introducing staff and the organization.
  • added a prompt at the end of each story allowing readers to report any errors
  • highlighting staff to create a more personal connection to the community.
The goal of this survey is to gauge the effectiveness of these changes with the audience.