This survey seeks to identify issues in cybersecurity facing Connecticut residents and businesses. In support of Special Act 15-13, the State of Connecticut is conducting a survey to solicit input from private businesses and the general public as part of an effort to improve cybersecurity readiness, response, coordination and communication across the state. The goals of this survey are:
  • To provide information to answer questions regarding possible state government actions to improve cybersecurity preparedness;
  • To identify cybersecurity issues facing Connecticut private businesses and general public;
  • To identify areas where state government can improve cybersecurity readiness and cyber incident response for private businesses and the general public and itself;
  • To facilitate communications between government entities, law enforcement, institutions of higher education, private businesses, and the general public to promote and improve cybersecurity preparedness
This survey is expected to take less than 5 minutes to complete and you are not asked any identifying information within the survey. Survey participation is anonymous.

Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems and networks and the information held by them. Systems range from personal cell phones and home computers and tablets to large commercial data centers that handle millions of financial transactions daily. They also include the “Internet of things”, smart devices and industrial controls that are connected to networks. These kind of devices include home security monitors and remote sensors on state highways, as well as air conditioning controls in modern buildings. Threats include data breaches that compromise credit card or personal data, Intellectual Property theft and industrial espionage, disruption of critical services that depend on computer systems, and malicious code, such as ransomware, employed for criminal gain.