We want to know how you feel about our services so we can improve how we work with children, youth, and their families. You do not have to give your name on this survey - your answers are anonymous.

Please check the box above the answer that best describes your experience.

* 1. It was easy for me to find out about Contact Brant.

* 2. Now that I have talked to a Contact Brant staff, I have a greater understanding of what services Contact Brant provides.

* 3. I feel listened to by the Contact Brant Staff. 

* 4. I feel that what was important to me was understood by Contact Brant staff.

* 5. I now have a greater awareness of community services available to me. 

* 6. I feel Contact Brant staff provided me with clear and helpful information related to my situation. 

* 7. I would call Contact Brant again.

* 8. I feel the next steps in getting service are clear to me. 

* 9. I feel Contact Brant was flexible in my meeting time.

* 10. Overall I am satisfied with the service Contact Brant provided me.

* 11. Please comment on your experience with Contact Brant. 
How could we improve and what did we do well? 

* 12. Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.  
If you would like a response to your feedback, please provide your name and telephone number.
(For more information on Contact Brant services visit: www.contactbrant. net)