* 1. Gender?

* 2. Age

* 3. Have you watched the ABC Four Corners report last year (2011) by Animals Australia about the cruelty in Indonesian abattoirs?

* 4. If not, are you at all aware of the news reports and issues surrounding the live shipping of Australian cattle to countries such as Indonesia?

* 5. After the release of the first report about cruelty on four corners, live cattle export was suspended by the Gillard government for 3 months. Considering the $700 million-a-year live export industry pays wages for many farmers and injects wealth into the Australian economy, do you believe the cattle’s welfare should continue to be compromised?

* 6. The agricultural minister, Joe Ludwig suggests stun guns can be implemented into Indonesian abattoirs and systems will be put into place to track and monitor animal abuse. Animals Australia say that this has been proposed before and nothing has changed and nothing will change unless all live trade is stopped – a statement backed by multiple volunteers who have witnessed the mistreatment. Do you Believe:

* 7. Another debate is whether the cows should be killed more ethically in Australian abattoirs then sent overseas rather than putting the animals through the stress of the live shipment.
Do you agree with this statement?

* 8. 6. Any further opinions on the matter?