CT Bottle Bill Stakeholder Process

DEEP is convening a stakeholder engagement process on DEEP Implementation of Public Act 21-58: Bottle Bill Modernization to identify overall objectives, process, timeline, and other components of this implementation that DEEP should consider, within the framework established by P.A. 21-58 and June Special Session Public Act 21-2. To advance the legislative requirements and support the broader goals of the State’s Comprehensive Materials Management Strategy, DEEP proposes several tentative objectives to guide its implementation of relevant sections of Public Act 21-58: 
Tentative Objectives: 

Increase the percentage of covered containers that are redeemed and returned through the container redemption program 
Ensure convenient access to redemption for all Connecticut consumers, through strategies and approaches that reflect the specific needs and circumstances of individual communities. 
Promote economic development opportunities related to container redemption, and ensure efficient and sufficient investment in redemption infrastructure 
Minimize any potential fraud including cross-border redemption  
Facilitate a long-term solution for wine and spirit product containers 
Ensure that recovered materials are used for their highest and best use 

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